Research Data is being generated at an ever-increasing rate.  This brings challenges in how to store, analyse, and care for the data.  Part of this problem is the long term stewardship of data and associated files that need a safe and secure home for the medium to long term.

This project, funded by the Jisc #DataSpring programme seeks to define and develop a Data Vault software system that will allow data creators to describe and store their data safely in one of the growing number of options for archival storage.  This may include cloud solutions, shared storage systems, or local infrastructure.

The project is funded in three stages from March 2015 and August 2016:

  1. In phase one of the project, the project worked to define the requirements of the system, design the system architecture, and build a working prototype that could archive and retrieve data.
  2. In phase two of the project the system was developed further from the prototype stage to a larger working system that included more metadata, retention policies, users and groups, and a better user interface.
  3. The third phase of the project will complete the final features such as CRIS integration, Shibboleth authentication, and documentation to create a full first release of the software that can be implemented as an institutional service.

The full Project Plan can be read online: