Highlights from the RDM Programme Progress Report: June – July 2015

May 2015 saw the end of the current Roadmap period and we are now into a period of consolidating work that has already been done and organising future work for the next phase of the RDM programme. The draft Roadmap 2.0 has been submitted to the steering group for approval and should be published soon.

The RDM services brochure is now almost complete and should be printed and distributed to Schools soon.

A meeting was held between the RDM team and the DCC to decide on the best approach for offering school level customisation of DMPonline. It was decided that customisation would be offered to all schools and undertaken as and when requests were made.

The Infrastructure upgrades have been procured and physically installed for the IGMM storage capacity expansion and the Research Computing Infrastructure DataStore integration servers.

Upgrades for backup/DR infrastructure have been procured and physically installed.

A 2 part workshop sponsored by EU FOSTER programme, “Good practice in data management & data sharing with social research” and “Overcoming obstacles to sharing data about human subjects” was delivered at the Scottish Graduate School of Political and Social Science Summer School.

A new series of awareness raising presentations and training courses for researchers, committees, and support staff in CHSS, CSE, and CMVM are currently being organised for 2015/16.

The RDM website has been successfully migrated to the new content management system, this included reviewing and revising all content, links, and images to fit with the new structure and layout. All schools in CHSS and CSE now have links on their own webpages to the RDM webpages, and CHSS will be placing a link from their new college pages when they go live.

An EAHIL workshop on ‘Managing research data’ was held on the 10th June and the report of the

Met with RDM staff from University of Lisbon who were visiting the University (via James Toon).

Met with Jennifer Warburton, University of Melbourne, as part of Library visit.

Met with French delegation (INIST-CNRS) as part of Library visit.

Kerry Miller
RDM Service Coordinator


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