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This blog describes the goals and the work of the Research Data Support team, which supports the Research Data Service in cooperation with others across Information Services at the University of Edinburgh. We aim to provide topical updates and insights about data-related issues of interest to the University research community on a regular (monthly) basis.

Edinburgh research community contributions welcome!


Editor: Robin Rice, robin.rice [ @ ] ed.ac.uk

Research Data Support team contacts

RDM Policy and Roadmap

The service aims to fulfill the aspirations of the University of Edinburgh’s Research Data Management Policy, originally passed by the University Court in May, 2011 and renewed (updated) in January, 2022 by the University Senate.
Strategic goals of the service are set out in sequential versions of the Research Data Management Roadmap, beginning in 2012. The latest Roadmap covered the 3-year period of August, 2017-July, 2020.


This blog was set up by the ‘RDM Action Group’ at the University of Edinburgh in 2013.

For more background information, see our first post:
Background to the Edinburgh Research Data Blog

Last update: 5 January, 2023

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