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May 1986

The May 1986 issues of Student are now live! Hundreds of students stood for the EUSA elections, writers and photographers for Student were awarded for their hard work, and Edinburgh’s athletes had a day of fun in the sun to end the academic year of 1985/1986! Read more below…


1 May 1986: EUSA Elections and Sports Union Field Day

  • Polls close for the annual EUSA elections, with over 90 posts available and hundreds of students standing for different posts; from the local positions, such as accommodation area, societies, and school convenors, to University-wide sabbatical positions such as President, Deputy President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  • Student Housing costs are hiked for the coming academic year, leading to student protests. Pollock Halls raises their prices from £29.65 to £31.65 ppm, and self-catered accommodation goes from £17.69 to £18.88 ppm.
  • The University hosts its annual Sports Day for all students at the Peffermill Fields, still the home of many University of Edinburgh’s sports teams, clubs, and societies.

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15 May 1986: Accolades and Inaugurations Round Out the Academic Year  

  • Student politicians are elected into office for the academic year of 1986/1987
  • Student officials were forced to remove a band from Aberdeen mid-set in Potterrow, after their performance included a multitude of racist and sexist jokes which enraged the crowd.
  • Student won the Glasgow Herald Student Publication Press Award for the second consecutive year, with David Yarrow, Photographic Editor for Student, winning an award for being ‘the best young photographer in Scotland.’

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