Cedric Mays also known as “Spike” was 45yrs old when he enrolled in 1952. Prior to the course he had been in the army for 20 years and worked for the post office. He kept in touch with staff and refers in a letter to his association with Lieut. Col. Alfred Wintle, subject of the book and biopic “The Last Englishman” for whom he was organising a lecture tour of the USA following the Colonel’s short imprisonment in the late 1950s. Originally from Essex, Cedric’s memoir “Reuben’s Corner: An English Country Boyhood” was first published in 1969 and subsequently re-issued as “The Only Way Was Essex” in 2013.

Margaret Krijnen was from The Netherlands and was 42 years when she enrolled on the Social Study course. She graduated in 1953 and returned to The Netherlands to work for family services in The Hague and eventually with the Catholic International Union for Social Services which saw her organise a conference in New York. Her correspondence shows her love of Scotland, in particular the island of Mull where she enjoyed a break before returning home. However, she felt that back in her native country she was closer to the changes in social care happening across continental Europe, which she described as “a furnace”.

Kathryn Woodiwis was a 39 year old widow, having lost her husband in the second world war. She had two children to look after while doing her studies but successfully graduated in 1954.



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