Sylvia Perera was a psychoanalyst who came from Singapore to study at Edinburgh University.

Kathleen Crooks from Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago. After graduating in 1954 she was struck down with chicken pox and had to stay in the City Hospital for several weeks, she corresponded with course director Nora Milnes about what she could do when she recovered and how much she was enjoying having her lunch with “Wee Willie”, a small boy from Blackfriars Street in Leith who was recuperating in the adjoining ward. A few weeks before she was admitted, the entire crew of a Trinidadian cruise ship had been in for treatment, also for chicken pox. Kathleen assured Miss Milnes that the ward sister would fumigate the letter before it was sent, to make sure there were no traces of the virus.

Marlene Kwok from British Guiana (now Guyana) graduated in 1956 and took a post as an Assistant Welfare Officer with the Caribbean Welfare Service in London. She enjoyed this very much despite it taking up a lot of her own time, “more and more women are coming over now, the work is very interesting – home visits and meeting the boat trains on alternate weeks”. Marlene returned to Georgetown where she wrote “Scenes from the history of the Chinese in British Guyana” a copy of which she presented to the University library.



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