Database trials – China Core Newspapers & The Eastern Miscellany

China Core Newspapers provides the full-text articles from 633 current newspapers in China from 2000 onwards. The database is updated daily. The trial can be accessed by going to the China Core Newspapers entry in the Library’s Databases A-Z list, or simply click here. The trial will end on 31 July 2018.

The Eastern Miscellany (《東方雜誌》) was an iconic periodical of the Commercial Press from 1904 to 1948. It is highly regarded as a very important resource for the study of the modern history of China. The database includes the full 44 volumes (819 issues), with over 30,000 articles, 12,000 pictures, and over 14,000 advertisements. Articles cannot be downloaded directly, but the full texts of the articles can be copied and pasted. To access the trial, please click here on the University network. The trial will also be advertised on the Library’s E-resources Trials website. The trial will end on 21 July 2018.

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Japan Times Archives 1897-2013

Following a trial of Japan Times Archives 1897-2013 last May, we have now subsbscribed to this resource, together with full access to the current issues of Japan Times Online.

Japan Times

Japan Times Archives 1897-2013

Founded in 1897, The Japan Times is the oldest English-language newspaper in Japan. It has been published to promote mutual understandings between Japan and other countries. This newspaper Includes unique articles which cannot be read in Japanese-language newspapers. The Japan Times Archives provides full-text access to issues from March 1897 to December 2013, and the Japan times Online includes articles from 1999 to present. Both resources are full text searchable.