Database trials for Chinese studies

We have been offered a free trial of the following e-resources for Chinese studies:

North China Herald

Access on the University network or off campus via VPN. Trial ends: 29 November

Access on the University network or off campus via VPN. Trial ends: 13 November.  This resource is listed on our trials webpage and Discovered.

Pishu (皮书) refers to official white paper, blue paper or green paper policy documents in China. They offer candid, in-depth policy recommendations on topics including climate change, social responsibility, the economy, energy conservation, food/drug safety, health care, human rights, international development, and rule of law, regional security, and women’s rights. The database contains the full text of over 1,000 such books in Chinese and are full-text searchable.

A title list of volumes included in PISHU is also available here:


Access on the University network or off campus via VPN. Trial ends: till further notice.

This resource contains the following sections:

老旧刊 (containing hundreds of full-text periodicals from the late Qing Dynasty to 1949. There are many titles that are not found in the Late Qing Periodicals 1833-1911 and Minguo periodicals 1911-1949 that we subscribe to.)

民国丛书 (books published between 1911 and 1949)

申报 (most important Chinese newspaper published between 1872 and 1949)

古方志集 (hundreds of historical local gazetteers)

古籍文献 (thousands of Chinese classics and rare books)

中共党史期刊数据库 (full-text periodicals published by the Chinese Communist Party before 1949)

顺天时报 (1907-1930)

  • 四库全书存目丛书

On Chinamaxx database platform. Trial ends: till further notice

  • 地方志

On Chinamaxx database platform. Trial ends: till further notice

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End of Empire website

NIAS Press (NIAS = Nordic Institute of Asian Studies) has set up a very interesting web site, as an experiment with new publishing ideas, which my library colleague at NIAS Ms Inga-Lill Blomkvisk has shared with us. The website is called End of Empire and is designed as a newspaper and  contains news from Asia from the 100 days following Hiroshima 70 years ago, updated daily with that day’s news. NIAS Press is collaborating with nearly a hundred international scholars to produce the website which will eventually result in a printed book. The website is freely available and contains interesting documents, analyses and photos.

Visit and read more.

End of Empire website

National Poetry Day : video clips / audio recordings of poets reading their own works from Literature Online!

Today, Thursday 8 October 2015, marks the 21st  anniversary of National Poetry Day. Why not watch some video clips or listen to some audio recordings of modern and contemporary poets reading their own works as well as works of others through Literature Online that the University Library subscribes to. 

Literature Online contains the following vast amount of poetry material, national and international, in text and multi-media formats:

  • Poets On Screen [880 clips] — 880 video clips of poets reading their own and other poets’ works.
  • Poetry Archive Audio [921 poems] — 921 links to poetry readings at The Poetry Archive, containing high quality historic audio recordings of poets reading their own works.

Literature Online also provides access to the full-text of 10,161 volumes of poetry by 2,820 authors:

Also reference works:


Roland Barthes centenary from the journal of French Studies

French StudiesTo celebrate 100 years since the birth of French author Roland Barthes, Oxford University Press has provided a collection of articles including book reviews from the journals French Studies and its sister publication French Studies Bulletin. As we subscribe to both publications, staff and students can access the full text of these articles with EASE login. Please visit