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NIAS Press (NIAS = Nordic Institute of Asian Studies) has set up a very interesting web site, as an experiment with new publishing ideas, which my library colleague at NIAS Ms Inga-Lill Blomkvisk has shared with us. The website is called End of Empire and is designed as a newspaper and  contains news from Asia from the 100 days following Hiroshima 70 years ago, updated daily with that day’s news. NIAS Press is collaborating with nearly a hundred international scholars to produce the website which will eventually result in a printed book. The website is freely available and contains interesting documents, analyses and photos.

Visit www.endofempire.asia and read more.

End of Empire website

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  1. Even without India and the Near East, End of Empire achieves very high levels of quality, diversity, and appeal. Distinctive. Engaging. Informative. Factual. Attractive.
    Quite a nice job all the way around, and definitely recommended.
    Available from online booksellers, local bookshops, or directly from the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies Press.

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