Building History

Snow at Edinburgh University Library, January 2010.

As part of our role here, Malcolm and I have taken many photographs of the Main Library. Over the years this has built up an archive of born digital images that show the life of the Library. Before and after shots of the Main Library Redevelopment Project, seasonal shots of the building and campus environs, students using the facilities and CRC events- such as exhibition openings, have all been documented.

Occasionally, one of us has to play a cameo role in the photo’s on those days we just can’t seem to get a student in the right spot, Malcolm stars in this one…


The Meadows, spring 2014. Wode Exihbition Opening Night, Main Library, 5th August 2011. The Forum, Main Library, Nov 2010. Central Staircase of the re-developed Main Library, Nov 2010. Ground Floor, Edinburgh University Library. The Hub book shelves.

Recently, we have had volunteers adding to this collection too, such as this lovely image from John Bryden.

The Main Library entrance from above, May 2014.

Often, in our capacity as the photographers of the collections, we are asked to digitise historic images of the Library and staff, so in many ways it feels as though we are just continuing a long established tradition- it’s nice to think that in years to come these photos may become part of the history of the building!

More images of the Library, and the rest of the University, can be found here

Susan Pettigrew, Photographer

Edinburgh University Library, Entrance.

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