Anon Art

Another visual essay from me this week. I thought it would be interesting to share a closer look at the amazing work of the invisible artists who populate the title pages of many books in our collections. I am constantly astonished at the graphic accomplishment present in these works from anonymous artists. I have spent some time highlighting details that are inspiring works in their own right. These works stand on their own feet and in their own space. All images this week are details from ” The Faerie Queene “. Shelfmark JY 1096. Points of note are the best snake tongue ever drawn (see below) and a fantastic phoenix rising from flames. More images from the book can be found within our image collections at

Deputy Photographer, Malcolm Brown.


4 thoughts on “Anon Art

  1. Emma Smith says:

    Stunning details. Thanks for sharing Malcolm.

  2. Malcolm Brown says:

    Thanks Emma.

  3. sskeldon says:

    Fabulous images Malcolm. Interesting to ponder the artists behind these works. Lovely blog. Steven.

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