Gems from the ECA Rare Books Collection

The CRC Assistant Rare Books Librarian has been busy cataloguing books from the Edinburgh College of Art Collection again, and has sent a few our way to photograph for upcoming talks and publications.

An amazingly diverse collection from 15th C. Sermons to etchings of Italian landscapes to 19th C. Japanese artistic review magazines and on to detailed plates of British Ferns, each book contains its own wonders.

Susan Pettigrew


RECA.MS.26 Calico Samples Album, pp.200v-201r


RECA.F.157 Le Japon Artistique, vol.3, no.17, pl.ABD


RECA.FF.210 British Ferns, Moore, Thomas, pl.XVI


RECA.MS.8 China, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Macao: Photographs Taken on Lord Elgin’s Diplomatic Mission and Military Campaign in China 1857 – 1861, p.52



2 thoughts on “Gems from the ECA Rare Books Collection

  1. Glad to see Moore’s British Ferns nature-printed by Bradbury & Evans. How about the Nature-printed Seaweeds to match?

  2. diu says:

    That sounds interesting- we haven’t seen that one in the DIU yet, I’ll have to ask if its coming our way! The book of ferns is stunning, only wish we had time to do more of them!

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