Edinburgh 300 : Cradle of Chemistry

Images from the of Cradle of Chemistry which opened at University of Edinburgh Library on Thursday. The exhibition runs until 02/11/2013.
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2 thoughts on “Edinburgh 300 : Cradle of Chemistry

  1. Jill says:

    These outstanding images are fantastic and capture the excellent design of this exhibition brilliantly.

    Phew, I’m exhausted after all those superlatives.

    Seriously, I believe that this is the best exhibition ever held in this space.

  2. Malcolm Brown says:

    Thank You! Jill very kind words. That exhibition space has always presented a certain challenge with lighting for photography. However the DIU recently purchased the “Mecablitz 76 Mz digital electronic flash” and indeed it lives up to its name. Its a bit like having your own portable sun. I was able to bounce the flash unit of the high ceiling in that space to obtain these results.

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