Baldwin Brown Images of Old Edinburgh

Recently in the DIU we have been digitizing 21 negatives of images described on their box Shelf-mark – E2005.1 Box 5, as ” Old Edinburgh.” We are aware that some members of Library staff enjoy the challenge of locating parts of the town from old photographs or unusual view points. We think some of these will present a challenge to even the keenest location spotting geeks and we would like to add any juicy information gathered to our related metadata fields. Over the next few weeks we shall post our “Old Edinburgh” images. No prizes for guessing except the smug air of recognition that a superior mind is at work. So as Bamber used to say , “Starter for ten ” anyone?


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11 thoughts on “Baldwin Brown Images of Old Edinburgh

  1. Anne Peale says:

    I’m pretty sure the third image is of Mylne’s Court and New College — the distinctive dome was visible from my flat window this year (Mylne’s Court is now postgrad housing)!

  2. Anne Peale says:

    Image 1 is the corner where the Royal Mile meets Cockburn Street.

    • diu says:

      Hi Anne,
      Thanks! for the information. This gives us something to work with.Yes we thought the same about the first image. We thought we would put an easy one in to get the ball rolling.

  3. Anne Peale says:

    And the middle image is also of the mile where it meets Jeffrey St. — the church has been replaced by the Scottish Storytelling Centre, but the building on the corner is still there.

  4. Fraser MacDonald says:

    Just to say, you might like to share these images on the ‘Lost Edinburgh’ facebook page, they get hundreds of viewers. Do you have dates for when the images were taken?

    • diu says:

      Hi Fraser- I thought we had linked to Lost Edinburgh, but I can’t see them images there so I’ll look into it. Unfortunately, these images didn’t have much information with them, so we don’t know the dates.

  5. Fraser Parkinson says:

    Having first visited your Facebook page I have left some comments some of which appear on this page. The images of Milnes / Myles Court are reversed in your presentations I think.

  6. Elaine says:

    Hi, I am wondering if there are more images in this “Old Edinburgh” file? I am a Digital Media student in UoE and currently working on my final project. I am looking for photographs like these of old Edinburgh. Will be very appreciate if you could offer me some help 🙂 Thanks

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