Research Data Management: good news fit to print!

Congratulations to Digital Curation Centre staffer Sarah Jones, who co-authored an article about UK University RDM initiatives with Jisc Programme Manager Simon Hodson in the Guardian Higher Education Network pages today:

“Seven rules of successful research data management in universities: Sound research rests on the ability to evidence, verify and reproduce results – managing your data enables all three.”

Sarah is helping the University develop support for Data Management Planning towards its RDM Roadmap goals as part of the DCC’s 21 institutional engagements providing tailored support to increase research data management capability.

A number of direct and indirect pointers to the University of Edinburgh’s work appear in this concise but well-presented piece, including the Research Data MANTRA online course, the formation of an RDM Steering Group, a roadmap to address EPSRC data sharing requirements, online guidance for staff, and librarian training.

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