TBOS, Shared Services and the College Development Network

The Benefits of Sharing (TBOS) project was invited to give some background on findings to a meeting of FE college library professionals at their meeting on Shared Services at the College Development network on 5th Feb 2013.

The meeting provided a forum for discussion around a number of sharing initiatives. Papers included support for mergers and partnerships between colleges, services offered to students from the National Library of Scotland and an update on the Rowan partnership, a project delivering a shared LMS among three institutions in Scotland.

There was also much discussion around the Re:Source service which facilitates the sharing and reuse of learning and teaching materials and on the concept of open educational resources.

Scotland’s colleges are experiencing significant change and there is considerable interest in sharing initiatives within Scotland’s further and higher education sectors. Consequently the SCURL “task and finish” group discussions will be of interest to many in the FE sector.

The slides presented are attached: http://www.slideshare.net/colinsinclair792/tbos-presentation-to-college-scotland

TBOS presentation to College Scotland

SCURL Presentation

‘The Benefits of Sharing’ (TBOS) is a JISC funded project.  It is being led by the University of Edinburgh, along with the University of Stirling.  The Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries (SCURL) is a partner in the project.

SCURL recently held their AGM, and we gave the following presentation to introduce the project.