Survey Form

Name of Institution

Current library management system vendor

  • Release/version

Can bibliographic records be exported in machine-readable form. Yes / No

Approximate number of bibliographic records held in machine readable formats within LMS:

  • Serials/journals
  • Monographs
  • Ebooks

Approximate number of holdings/item records

MARC format used

  • UTF-8
  • MARC-8

Machine-readable records held outside of Library Management System:

  • Digital Repository
  • Archive management system
  • Other (please specify):

If records were to be held in a single Library Management System, which of the following options would you favour, please give a brief reasoning:

  • A single database with a single bibliographic record for all Scottish HE titles, with separate holdings records for each library.
  • Separate databases on a single shared infrastructure, but all editing and quality control responsibilities would be retained by individual libraries.
  • Approximate number of titles not yet catalogued to machine readable form.

We would also like to know the scale of the systems in terms of patrons/users.

  • Could you give an approximate number of records for library users that your system contains:

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