A little nonsense now and then

A little nonsense now and then

is cherished by the wisest men

Roald Dahl

Games and puzzles are a really great way to relax and train your brain, and have been for centuries, as you can see in this painting from our collections:


 Eitaku Kobayashi, Children’s Games, 1894. RB.FF.63. © The University of Edinburgh. http://bit.ly/1QXWcJV.

Today we have been handing out these puzzles in the Foyer of the Main Library! Why not take a break and try it? Find all the library-related words (words can be written forwards or backwards, placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), then take the first twelve un-used letters to uncover a hidden hashtag. Remember to tweet or facebook us when you find it!


Good luck!

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