Popping up again

For the last few weeks, we have been running small events, designed to help students relax, in the Main Library Foyer. This article suggests that as little as six minutes of quiet reading is enough to reduce stress by two thirds!

In an image from our collections, a young Walter Scott enjoys this type of relaxation:

walter scott reading

Facsimile of a portrait of Sir Walter Scott as a child reading in a garden, by W. Matthews, in Walter Scott’s Introduction to Percy’s Reliques, 1915 (Corson P.3448). http://bit.ly/1Qms4aC.

While lots of quiet reading goes on in this library, it is usually not very relaxing. That is why we have been trying to branch out to students with short six-minute distractions (other than reading) so that they can be more effective, and feel happier, while they are in the Library.

Today we popped up in the Library Foyer handing out bubble wrap for students to pop. This simple activity provides a chance to de-stress, without taking a long time. We had some fun popping as well:


If you missed out, never fear; you can pop bubble wrap online here! So satisfying!

As twentieth-century journalist Sydney J. Harris said, “the time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.” So, take some time to relax today and keep an eye out for our next fun pop up activity.

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