So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye (for now)

Goodbye_1Pop-up Library has now packed up and there will be no more sessions this semester. After 9 weeks and 90 sessions we wanted to say a big thanks to all the students and staff who popped-up to these sessions and hope that you enjoyed finding out more about the Library and Museum collections, services and resources.

Staff at the Pop-up Library sessions spoke to over 2200 people, mostly students, within this 9 week period and enjoyed this unique opportunity to meet you and show off what they do. We were even happy to tell you where the toilets on the first floor are (for future reference when facing the two lifts go through the doors on the right-hand side and then follow the signs!)

Watch this space:

For further Pop-up Library events that we are hoping to hold next semester (popping up in a space near you?)

For your feedback. During the trial, particularly in the Be in charge of the library for the day sessions, you were asked to complete feedback cards on what you love or don’t love so much about the Library and suggestions you may have for improvements. We’ll post a summary of your feedback in the near future.

Good luck to you all with your exams!

What do you want to learn today?

wordle3Come along to the Pop-up Library between 2-4pm on Wednesday 5th November to find out about free taught courses and online resources in information technology from IS Skills.

We have learning opportunities in:

  • Basic IT, library and bibliography
  • Learning technologies
  • Posters, presentations and design
  • Programming and operating systems
  • Spreadsheets, data analysis and management tools
  • Web publishing
  • Working collaboratively
  • Working with text

Our courses can help you to create an engaging presentation, format your thesis in Word 2013, learn a new programming language, and get your referencing right.

You can also help influence the courses we provide in the future by filling in our short survey to tell us what you want to learn about and how you prefer to learn.

Catherine Koppe, IS Skills team

Finding Data


The Data Library team want to help you find data sources for your studies and your research. Pop up to the Pop Up Library this Tuesday between 10am and 12 noon, and tell us what data you’re working with, ask us any questions you have about finding and using data and we’ll do our best to help.
Pauline Ward is a Data Library Assistant at the University of Edinburgh
See the Data Library’s online Catalogue for more information.


Collaborate: The University Supported Virtual Meeting Tool

Collaborate Pop Up Library

On Wednesday November 5th from 10am-12pm come and find out about Collaborate!

Collaborate is the University Supported Virtual Classroom and/or Meeting tool and as students you can access Collaborate via the MyEd Portal.

Why use Collaborate?

  • Great for online Group Work, Study Groups or Meetings
  • It’s FREE!
  • Once you have set up the meeting you can invite people from within, or outside, the University, you just need their email address.
  • It’s supported by the University through IS Helpline

Collaborate is a great resource for study groups or other kinds of group work as you don’t have to be in the same location. There are many different tools within Collaborate to make your group work as successful as it would be if you met up in person.

  • Interactive Whiteboard (great for brainstorming)
  • Application/Desktop Sharing (great to work on shared documents)
  • Load & Display PowerPoints (great for presenting)
  • Share & Transfer Files (great for sharing)

We will be having a LIVE! Collaborate Session during the Pop Up Library…come join in and see what Collaborate is all about!

(this session will be open from 05-Nov-2014 09:30 to 12:30 we would love to see you then)

Click to join!

All you need to get started is a computer (or mobile device) and internet connection!


The Collaborate Team

For the love of Gaelic (and everything else Scottish).

The School of Scottish Studies Archives holds:

  • over 30,000 sound recordings
  • 320 film / video items
  • over 50,000 images
  • manuscript collections

As part of the University’s Gaelic Week programme of events we will be popping-up at the first floor reception desk in the University Library on Thursday 23 October, 2-4pm. We will be highlighting some of our Gaelic holdings but will also have information available on all of our collections.

Over the past sixty years, fieldworkers at the School of Scottish Studies have collected thousands of audio recordings of songs, music, tales, verse, customs, belief, oral history and much more in Gaelic, Scots and English. These are complemented by film, photographic and manuscript collections. From rallying political songs to soothing lullabies, supernatural tales to humorous anecdotes, traditional crafts to fire festivals; the full range of Scotland’s cultural legacy is represented and brought to life in this rich tapestry of archive material.

The School of Scottish Studies Archives Peter Cooke interviewing George Moss

The School of Scottish Studies Archives
Peter Cooke interviewing George Moss

There will be an opportunity to listen to some of our thousands of recordings, many of which can be accessed online via the Tobar an Dualchais / Kist o’ Riches website.

You can also learn, hands on, about the history of sound recording. Sound recordings were made using a variety of recording machines from wax cylinders to DAT tapes and digital memory cards. For many decades the reel to reel recording machine using quarter-inch magnetic tape was the standard and as a result the vast majority of our archive recordings are on open reel tape.

We invite you to come along to make your own recording using an open reel tape machine! You can record your own message or why not try one of the Gaelic or Scots sayings that we have selected? You can take the section of tape away with you, and we will also give you a QR code so that you can then listen to your recording online.

All this and more at the School of Scottish Studies Archives Pop-Up Library session on Thursday 23 October, 2-4pm.

Follow us: @EU_SSSA

What’s on 20th – 24th October


Drop in sessions -1st Floor Main Library

20th October- 24th October

Monday Digital Footprint – managing your digital footprint Getting full text journal articles – fast!
Tuesday Carmichael Watson Project(Centre for Research Collections) Resources Plus: How do I get hold of the book I need?
Wednesday Discover Special Collections from New College Library Be in charge of the Library for the day!
Thursday MyEd Mobile School of Scottish Studies Archive
Friday Help with literature reviews: Q&A session Copyright: Everything you need to know


PebblePad for Reflection

Example of MyEdGE workbook pageDid you know that everyone at the University, student or staff member, has access to a free ePortfolio space? It is called PebblePad and can be accessed via the MyEd portal.

On Wednesday morning (10-12) and Monday afternoon (2-3) come and meet the PebblePad support team who can chat you through the benefits of using your ePortfolio.

PebblePad is a secure, web-based tool that allows you to start capturing your experiences and reflect on them in a structured, re-usable manner – for example using the MyEdGE workbook that is available for all students. PebblePad aims to help you evidence more than simply a degree classification. It aims to help you evidence smaller achievements and skills that you have developed throughout your time at University, not necessarily just in the tutorial room! This kind of record can be incredibly useful when it comes to filling out application forms, whether for jobs or further education opportunities it is helpful to have these reflections to demonstrate the softer skills that you have cultivated.

So, come and chat to us, if you want to know more or have any questions – there will be free pens! We look forward to meeting you.

The PebblePad Team

Explore PebblePad further at:

Explore the MyEdGE workbook further at:

Managing your digital footprint at Pop-up Library (3 Oct)

Managing your digital footprint will be at the Pop-Up Library on 3 October 2014 DF_cmyk_maxquality(10:00-12:00)

Do you want to find out how to manage your online presence (digital footprint); how social media can be useful; using social media for research & impact; networking and more? If so, then come along to the first floor, reception desk at the Main Library on 3 October (10:00-12:00).

What can you expect from the session?

  • Advice
  • Demos
  • Information
  • Activities
  • Freebies

Find us on:

Art Exposed

A chance to experience rarely seen paintings and objects from the University’s Art Collection

*UPDATE: Now with added Paolozzi*

Art Exposed

Recently we learned that the most searched for term on our brand new Art Collections website was ‘Male Nude’ – we’ve decided to go with the assumption that it’s all the Classics students taking their studies very seriously indeed…

But, in honour of all you weirdos out there, we’re giving you the chance to get up close and personal to the slightly racier side of the University’s Art Collection.

Anna and Jill will be around to talk to you about the items on view, how you can access the artworks yourselves, and also let you know about some of the brilliant volunteering opportunities available to anyone interested in curatorial or wider museum work.

So come along to the Art Collections Library Pop session tomorrow, we’ll be around from 10 until 3 in the 1st Floor reception area of the Main Library.

Search the collection:
Follow us: @UoEArtArchives
Engage: #LibraryPop