Data Vault hackathon

The development model we chose for the Data Vault is to get us all in a room (Robin, Tom, Claire, Mary, Stuart) and to collaboratively develop the proof of concept system over a few days.  We were kindly hosted by the University of Manchester IT services in their Sackville Street building.

We started by looking at the skeleton framework that Tom and Robin had worked on, and then assigned areas of code to each person to write.  For example work was required on the user interface that the user sees, the broker in the middle that manages the system, and the backend workers that perform the archiving.

All of the code is stored openly in github, and is open source with an MIT license:

Data vault hackathon

Work is now continuing following the hackathon to complete a few areas of remaining code before the next Jisc Data Spring programme meeting where we can share the system with others.

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