British Online Archives – full access until 30th June 2020

*Access has been extended until 30th June 2020*

I’m happy to let you know that British Online Archives (BOA) are providing 30 days free access (starting from 23rd March) to its entire collection of digital primary sources in light of the Covid-19 outbreak.

BOA provide students and researchers with access to unique collections of primary source documents. Their website hosts over 3 million records drawn from both private and public archives. These records are organised thematically, covering 1,000 years of world history, from politics and warfare to slavery and medicine.

The themes covered are:

  • American Studies: the colonisation of North America and the American revolution
  • British Broadcasting Corporation, 1927-2002
  • The British industrial revolution: mills and education
  • Governing Africa: British records from African countries under colonial rule
  • Politics and protest: from major party politics to popular protest and parliamentary history
  • Power and preachers: India under colonial rule
  • Representing Britain: International relations and diplomacy
  • Running the West Indies: British records from West Indian countries under colonial rule
  • Spreading the word: British missionary work around the world, 1808-1967
  • The trade in people: The slave trade in Africa and the West Indies
  • The World Wars: firepower and fascism at home and abroad

To access all of the British Online Archive collections available at this time go to Temporary access to additional e-books and other e-resources.
Remember you only have access for a limited period of time and while BOA may consider extending this access period, once this period ends you will lose access to all collections the Library hasn’t already purchased access to.

*Access has been extended until 30th June 2020*

Why not take a look at some of the other resources on the Temporary access… page that are currently on offer as they may hold material you wouldn’t normally be able to get access to. New resources are added as the Library become aware of them.

Caroline Stirling – Academic Support Librarian for School of History, Classics and Archaeology