On trial: Socialism on Film

I’m pleased to let you know that the Library has been given the opportunity to trial for a second time the fascinating Socialism on Film: The Cold War and International Propaganda from Adam Matthew Digital and the BFI National Archive.

This impressive collection of documentaries, newsreels and features reveals the world as seen by Soviet, Chinese, Vietnamese, East European, British and Latin American film makers. Documenting the communist world from the Russian Revolution until the 1980s and covering all aspects of socialist life. And what makes this resource unique is the collection of films were produced almost exclusively in the communist world and then versioned into English for distribution in the West.

You can access the database via the E-resources trials page. Access is available both on and off-campus.

Trial access ends 20th November 2017.

1971. Night Over China. Available through: Adam Matthew, Marlborough, Socialism on Film: The Cold War and International Propaganda, http://www.socialismonfilm.amdigital.co.uk.ezproxy.is.ed.ac.uk/Documents/Details/BFI_ETV_Night_Over_China_25SD_Prores-121 [Accessed October 24, 2017].

Socialism on Film will be released in 3 modules, with module 2 and 3 to be released in 2018 and 2019 respectively. We currently have trial access to module 1 which covers the following areas:

  • Lenin and the Russian Revolution
  • The Second World War and the rise of fasicsm
  • The Vietnam War and Southeast Asia
  • Global tensions and the Cold War
  • Nuclear war and peace movements
  • The Holocaust and war crimes
  • Revolution, war, conflict in China and Korea
  • Revolution in Cuba and Latin America
  • The Spanish Civil War

Sourced from the British Film Institute (BFI) Archive, this resource makes available the superb ETV Films (formerly Plato films) collection put together by the British communist Stanley Foreman in the years after the Second World War. See http://www.socialismonfilm.amdigital.co.uk/Explore/Essays/Burton for more information.

Access Socialism on Film via e-resources trials.
Access is available until 20th November 2017.
Feedback welcome.

You can access moving image and film databases that the Library already has access to e.g. Academic Video Online, BFI InView, Box of Broadcasts (BoB) etc., via Image and Moving Image databases.

Access is only available to current students and staff at University of Edinburgh.

Caroline Stirling – Academic Support Librarian for History, Classics and Archaeology


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