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webad_updatedWant to get the best from the Library for GeoSciences? A key starting point is the GeoSciences Subject Guide at Start here to explore print and electronic collections, library facilities and library news. Any questions? Your Academic Support Librarian is Angela Nicholson.

Featured Recent Purchases for GeoSciences in 2014-15 include:

GeoScience World

Provides a comprehensive resource for research across the geosciences, built on a database of peer-reviewed journals and integrated with GeoRef.


International Encyclopedia of Human Geography

An authoritative and comprehensive online source of information on human geography and related areas. It contains over 1,000 detailed entries on philosophy and theory, key concepts, methods and practices.

 New journal titles include:

  • Geography Compass
  • Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Management
  • Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry
  • International Journal of Logistics Management
  • Wiley interdisciplinary reviews: Climate Change

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