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chemistryWant to get the best from the Library for Chemistry? A key starting point is the Chemistry Subject Guide at Start here to explore print and electronic collections, library facilities and library news. Any questions? Your Academic Support Librarian is Rowena Stewart.

Featured Library Resources for Chemistry in 2014-15 include:

Knovel E-books

Full-text online of over 400 books in Chemistry & Chemical Engineering. Use Data Search. Includes DOSE (2005), Yaws’ Critical Property Data for Chemical Engineers and Chemists, International Critical Tables of Numerical Data, Physics, Chemistry and Technology, Yaws’ Handbook of Physical Properties for Hydrocarbons and Chemicals (2008).

Maerck Index Online

Searchable full text database for information on chemicals, drugs and biologicals. Over 11,500 monographs – including historic records not available in the print edition. Updated regularly. Access from RSC via the Library catalogue: search for Merck Index, sort by publication date descending.


Chemical reaction, structure and property data for organic and inorganic compounds. Also bibliographic data. Search by chemical structures and reactions as well as text.Contains the information from Gmelin and Beilstein.


Academic literature information from more than 10,000 chemistry-related journals. Covers chemistry (all aspects), chemical structures and patents, chemical engineering, biochemistry, biotechnology, genetics.

Rowena Stewart, Academic Support Librarian – Chemistry

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