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Downtime Alert – E-Journals

At 10pm tonight, our e-journals will become unavailable for about 1 hour via the e-journal A-Z links, Searcher and the catalogue.  This maintenance work is expected to resolve recent instability issues affecting e-journal access.

During this time, please access the journals directly on campus or off campus via the VPN or by adding http://ezproxy.is.ed.ac.uk/login?url=  to the front of a url eg for nature journal, the link is http://www.nature.com and then add http://ezproxy.is.ed.ac.uk/login?url= to make it http://ezproxy.is.ed.ac.uk/login?url=http://www.nature.com which will then work off campus.  There is also the option to log in off campus via UKFederation/Shibboleth if offered by the publisher.