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New Dawsonera online reader launched

logoDawsonera have now launched their new online reader.  This includes a number of enhancements to improve the user experience of reading e-books on their platform.

The main enhancement we have all been waiting for – page range printing, is now available.

The new reader includes the following enhancements:

– An expanded view of the e-book to give full screen reading as well as a zoom in/out feature.  Accessibility has been audited by the RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind).

– Printing Improvements – you can now print page ranges rather than one page at a time.  You have a print preview of the pages selected before you send them to the printer and a print allowance is shown for each book consisting of what you have already printed, and how many more pages you are allowed to print.*

– Copying Improvements – the copy button now shows allowance per book – copies used and remaining, there is a preview page before copying to your clipboard.*

– Searching within an e-book and hit highlighting.

– Improved page navigation using the table of contents, improvements to scrolling and intuitive icons.

– Private and shared notes.  See the user guide below for full details on how this works.

– Improvements to the reader layout on a mobile device so that it has the same features as the desktop version…the PowerPoint link below shows screenshots of the new Dawsonera reader on a PC, mobile and tablet.

Some library staff met with Dawsonera recently to see a preview of the new reader.  See the slides demonstrating the various enhancements at

A user guide for the new reader is now available at

Dawsonera have a list of FAQs here.

We welcome feedback on the new reader – please contact your academic support librarian to give your feedback.

*Can’t print or copy if offline, the reader needs online access for DRM management.

Trial access to History of Science and Medicine Library E-Books

logoWe have trial access to the History of Science and Medicine Library e-book collection from Brill until 9th July.

The History of Science and Medicine Library is a peer-reviewed book series devoted to the history of science and medicine, both history of scientific theory as well as the history of the role of science in society and culture from early modern times to the present. The medical studies include medical theory and practice as well as medicine and society.

A list of the titles on trial is available here.


Feedback and further info

We are interested to know what you think of this e-book collection as your comments influence purchase decisions so please fill out our feedback form.

A list of all trials currently available to University of Edinburgh staff and students can be found on our trials webpage.

E-Resources Access Alert – EZProxy downtime

Access to E-Resources using EZProxy will be unavailable on Tuesday 9th June between 8.30am and 9.30am followed by a further 1 hour at risk period.  This is to allow our EZProxy service to be upgraded and improve off campus access to our e-resources.

Please see for details of how to access E-Resources during this time.  Further updates may also appear on the IS Alerts page

We apologise for any inconvenience during this time.