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New Subscription to Duke University Press E-Journals Collection

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Following a successful trial last year to additional e-journal content from Duke University Press, we now subscribe to the  e-Duke Journals Scholarly Collection

There are now 45 titles in the collection and these have been added to DiscoverEd.

Journal ISSN eISSN HighWire Availability HighWire URL
American Literary Scholarship 0065-9142 1527-2125 2000-2015
American Literature 0002-9831 1527-2117 2000-Current
American Speech 0003-1283 1527-2133 2000-Current
boundary 2 0190-3659 1527-2141 2000-Current
Camera Obscura 0270-5346 1529-1510 1976-Current
Common Knowledge 0961-754X 1538-4578 2002-Current
Comparative Literature 0010-4124 1945-8517 2000-Current
Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East 1089-201X 1548-226X 1981-Current
Cultural Politics 1743-2197 1751-7435 2005-Current
differences 1040-7391 1527-1986 1999-Current
East Asian Science, Technology and Society 1875-2160 1875-2152 2007-Current
Eighteenth-Century Life 0098-2601 1086-3192 2000-Current
Environmental Humanities (new for 2016) 2201-1919 TBD TBD
Ethnohistory 0014-1801 1527-5477 2000-Current
French Historical Studies 0016-1071 1527-5493 2000-Current
Genre 0016-6928 2160-0228 2000-Current
GLQ 1064-2684 1527-9375 1993-Current
Hispanic American Historical Review 0018-2168 1527-1900 2000-Current
History of Political Economy 0018-2702 1527-1919 1969-Current
Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture 2329-0048 2329-0056 2015
Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law 0361-6878 1527-1927 1976-Current
Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 1082-9636 1527-8263 2000-Current
Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies 1552-5864 1558-9579 2005-Current
Journal of Music Theory 0022-2909 1941-7497 1999-Current
Labor 1547-6715 1558-1454 2004-Current
Mediterranean Quarterly 1047-4552 1527-1935 2000-Current
Modern Language Quarterly 0026-7929 1527-1943 1940-Current
New German Critique 0094-033X 1558-1462 2006-Current
Nka 1075-7163 2152-7792 1994-Current
Novel 0029-5132 1945-8509 1999-Current
Pedagogy 1531-4200 1533-6255 2001-Current
Poetics Today 0333-5372 1527-5507 2000-Current
positions 1067-9847 1527-8271 1993-Current
Public Culture 0899-2363 1527-8018 1988-Current
Radical History Review 0163-6545 1534-1453 1975-Current
Small Axe 0799-0537 1534-6714 2001-Current
Social Text 0164-2472 1527-1951 2000-Current
South Atlantic Quarterly 0038-2876 1527-8026 2000-Current
the minnesota review 0026-5667 2157-4189 2005-Current
The Philosophical Review 0031-8108 1558-1470 2000-Current
Theater 0161-0775 1527-196X 1968-Current
Tikkun 0887-9982 2164-0041 2000-Current
TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly 2328-9252 2328-9260 2014-Current
Twentieth-Century Literature 0041-462X 2325-8101 2009-Current
World Policy Journal TBD TBD TBD Starts 2016

E-Resources currently on trial

ANB_webAmerican National Biography on trial until 11th February.  This database offers portraits of more than 19,000 men and women — from all eras and walks of life — whose lives have shaped American history and culture. From astronauts to missionaries, chemists to musicians, and cowboys to Vikings, the portraits combine to reflect the rich diversity of American life, from pre-colonial times onward.  More than a decade in preparation, the American National Biography is the first biographical resource of this scope to be published in more than sixty years.



Oxford Reports on International Law new modules • International Law in European Courts and • International Trade Law are on trial until 18th February.  This resource brings together decisions on public international law from international law courts, domestic courts, and ad hoc tribunals. In this resource, the full scope of international case law is available in one place, accompanied by expert analysis and cross-case navigation via the Oxford Law Citator. New cases are added daily, making Oxford Reports on International Law the most up-to-date source of international case law available.




SAGE Video on trial until 12th March.  This resource supports the teaching and learning needs of undergraduate students, through to the needs of the academic researcher within Counseling and Psychotherapy, Communication and Media Studies, and Education. With new and original video productions, including contributions from our book and journal editors and authors across the world, SAGE Video offers quick definitions, short tutorials and in-depth interviews for a range of academic viewpoints. It also features extensive footage of practitioners in real-life professional settings designed to illustrate best practice and provide a unique insight for students to master the theory, skills and techniques needed to succeed.



Feedback and further info

A list of e-resources on trial can be found on our trials webpage along with links to trial feedback forms – please do fill one out if you found the resource useful as your comments help decide future purchases.  Resources on trial are also added to DiscoverEd – please note an entry for Sage Videos will be added to DiscoverEd later on this evening.