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Trial – ACLS Humanities E-Book package

logoWe have trial access to ACLS Humanities E-Book package until the 5th April.

This electronic resource includes 4,315 full-text, cross-searchable books in the humanities selected by scholars for their continuing importance for research and teaching. Lists of titles can be found online at: http://www.humanitiesebook.org/titlelist.html.

The project includes both in-print and out-of-print books and many prize-winning works. It is a ongoing collaboration of the American Council of Learned Societies, various constituent member learned societies of the ACLS (http://www.humanitiesebook.org/societies.html), and over 100 publishers. 300-500 titles are added every year.

To access HEB, please go to http://www.humanitiesebook.org.

–> Select Browse from top toolbar.

–> Click on any title. This will bring you to a screen with information about the book.

–>To view the full text of a chapter, click on the chapter title in the table of contents. You can select Search from the top toolbar to look for specific titles. To browse through HEB’s special series, select The Collection from the top toolbar and click on the links for series such as the College Art Association Monographs: http://www.humanitiesebook.org/the-collection/series_CAA.html and the Cambridge University Press series: http://www.humanitiesebook.org/the-collection/series_CamUP.html, the Society of Biblical Literature series: http://www.humanitiesebook.org/the-collection/series_SBL.html, and the Records of Civilization series: http://www.humanitiesebook.org/the-collection/series_ROC.html.

HEB Titles Online as of Dec. 2014

To download the spreadsheet, please visit:


This spreadsheet, with 4,315 titles in all, represents the total number of books on the HEB site as of Dec. 2014. This list is formatted as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet and includes author, title, publication information, ISBN, LC catalog number, subject area, direct URL, and date live on HEB.

Fields currently covered include Area and Historical Studies in the following: African, American, Asian, Australasian/Oceanian, Byzantine, Canadian, Caribbean, Central European, Comparative/World, Eastern European/Russian, Economic, Environmental, European, Jewish Studies, Latin American, Law, LGBT/Queer Studies, Medicine, Methods/Theory, Middle East, Native Peoples of the Americas, Science/Technology, Women’s Studies. HEB also encompasses the fields of Archaeology, Art and Architectural History, Biblical Studies, Bibliographic Studies, Film and Media Studies, Folklore, Linguistics, Literature, Literary Criticism, Musicology, Performance Studies (theater, music, dance), Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, and Sociology.

Feedback and further info

We are interested to know what you think of this e-book package and platform as your comments influence purchase decisions so please do fill out our feedback form.

A list of all trials currently available to University of Edinburgh staff and students can be found on our trials webpage.