Financial Times – new features


Our subscription to the Financial Times now contains new features –

FT Confidential Research combines the FT’s proprietary survey data and on-the-ground research from China and Southeast Asia, to give you predictive investment insights and indicators for key sectors and trends in the region.

Instant Insight offers timely and authoritative analysis of the breaking news stories of the day. Understand the implications before anyone else through the insight of our award-winning columnists and global network of specialists.

Further Info

Financial Times is listed on our Databases AZ list and DiscoverEd.  First time users will be asked to register.  This then provides access to a range of additional tools and resources on including:

  • Exclusive FT News and Comment (including Lex)
  • Industry-specific insight and analysis Surveys/in-depth reports – industries, countries and business trends
  • Power Search tool searching through the 5-year FT archive
  • View print edition – exclusive previews from the Financial Times newspaper
  • Editors Choice email
  • app


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