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logo-brillWe have trial access to Early Modern Pamphlets Online until 13th June.  We are trialling all 3 collections within Early Modern Pamplets Online:

Dutch Pamphlets 1486-1853: The Knuttel Collection

The Knuttel Collection at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, the National Library of the Netherlands, is the most extensive pamphlet collection in the Netherlands. It consist of roughly 34,000 pamphlets ranging from political apologies and manifestos to tracts for and against predestination in theology.  Further info about this collection is available at

Dutch Pamphlets, 1542-1853: The Van Alphen Collection

The Van Alphen collection supplements the Knuttel collection. It comprises some 2,800 pamphlets from Groningen University Library not included in the Knuttel collection. The pamphlets date from 1542 to 1853 and deal with similar topics as those described by Knuttel.  See for further information.

Flugschriften des 16. Jahrhunderts

The Flugschriften series contains some 11,000 German and Latin pamphlets printed in the Holy Roman Empire. The collection is supplemented on an annual basis. The pamphlets from 1501-1530 are primarily concerned with the early Reformation movement and its propaganda, the Peasants’ War, the threat presented by the Turks, and the various conflicts among the Western European countries.  The pamphlets from 1531-1600 deal with a broad spectrum of themes, such as the Turkish wars, the revolt of the Netherlands, the persecution of French protestants, the status of Calvinists and Zwinglians in the Holy Roman Empire, the Council of Trent, the Anabaptist Kingdom of Münster, the Schmalkaldic War and the Interim, propaganda against the papacy and the Jesuits, intra-Protestant theological quarrels, the building of confessional networks, witch-hunting, and anti-Jewish polemics.

Feedback and further info

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A list of all trials currently available to University of Edinburgh staff and students can be found on our trials webpage.

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