The Drever succession

James Drever, born in Orkney in 1873, became a student at the University of Edinburgh in 1889, graduating MA before continuing to study medicine. After spending some time as assistant to the Professor of Education, he was appointed Combe Lecturer and placed in charge of the Psychology Department in 1918. In 1931 he became the first Professor of Psychology at the University, the first post of its kind in Scotland. In 1944 he was succeeded by his son, James Drever (1910-1991). James (jnr.) went on to become Principal and Vice Chancellor of the University of Dundee.This photograph is taken from an album of such photographs that was commissioned by the University and completed in 1936. It features senior academic and other figures along with associated individuals. The complete set of photographs can currently be viewed on ourĀ Flickr Photostream.

Reference: EUA CA1/1

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