I wanted to share some fantastic images that have come through the Digital Imaging Unit via general random digitization requests. This material is bound for individual researchers and would normally pass under the radar. We have enough amazing material passing through DIU to make this a monthly blog feature. First up is from “Zoology of Egypt, Reptilia and Batrachia” by John Anderson Shelfmark : L*.17.93. The whole book is packed with outstanding images and worthy of digitisation in its entirety.


Classic Good verses Evil. A powerful image from the wonderfully titled “The last blast of the trompet” Shelfmark Dd.7.57/2. Many of us are aware of this type of image via “Tom and Jerry” cartoons and comic book clichés but obviously this strong concept has its roots within the descriptive visual language of historical Christianity.


Last is another two examples of amazing printers marks. The first is from the Title page of “Iuris utriusque traditio” shelfmark: RB.F.232. and the last one is from “Tyndales Works 1573” shelfmark: M H 3/2 housed at New College.


Malcolm Brown, Deputy Photographer

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