Photo Bombed


A large order from the Lothian Health Services Archive came our way recently, which included postcards from the hospital & group portraits of staff and patients. In amongst them I discovered an early example of photo bombing- look between the shoulders of the 2 chaps in the centre of the back row- I love combination of serious faces of the people posing and the incongruous jaunty feet in the air behind them. Was this intentional? Or did he simply happen to be doing a handstand at the timeā€¦?


When retouching you often notice small details that are easily overlooked, I wonder if this had even been noticed at the time the original was produced. It also makes me think: when was the first photo bomb? Has anyone else spotted any early examples?

Further information about LHSA can be found here

Susan Pettigrew, Photographer

4 thoughts on “Photo Bombed

  1. Great photo and superb spot. Do you have a date for the image?

  2. Brilliant. Thanks very much.

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