I’ve seen a startling number of beasties hiding out in our Collections over the years, and the time has come to celebrate them! From the delightful details in the margins of Books of Hours…


…to the damsels in distress being rescued from fantastical monsters.


It is also wonderful to see the same story illustrated from 2 very different traditions: St. George and the Dragon in a Book of Hours circa 1500 and made in France for a Scottish owner…0001121f

…or the strikingly different St. George and the Dragon in the Ethiopian Manuscript Gadala Georgois.0001205d

It doesn’t appear to matter where in the world -West, East, or South America- every nation has its own set of Beasties.

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Some are fairly conventional sea monsters…


…  and some just down right bizarre,


yet all bring a smile to my day!

Susan Pettigrew


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  1. Jill said:

    I love this theme…..we also have beasties galore hidden within our classical sculptures

    March 26, 2014

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