Highlights from the RDM Programme Progress Report: May 2015

Work was completed on collating and assembling 17 self-assessment statements for Edinburgh DataShare’s Data Seal of Approval application for trusted digital repository status.

‘Recommended File Formats’ and ‘Trustworthiness’ pages have been added to Edinburgh DataShare documentation as evidence to support Edinburgh DataShare’s Data Seal of Approval application.

The DataSync service build, testing and documentation is now complete, and the service went live on 27th May 2015.

The RDM website continues to add new content. Links are being checked and corrected to match the format needed for the migration to Drupal.

A Call for Papers for the ‘Dealing with Data 2015’ conference has been was finalised, and an announcement was posted on the data blog and call for papers were sent out to Research Administrators, Directors of Research and Research staff in three colleges.

System design of the DataVault project funded by Jisc has commenced, with the architecture being developed jointly between the universities of Edinburgh and Manchester. Development is due to start in June. A ‘ skeleton service’ is currently being scoped, to offered as an interim service.

A one-page EPSRC compliance guide has been produced to assist PIs with meeting the EPSRC research data expectations.

The Data Library is currently looking at end user interface improvements to the new Mirage theme for DataShare.

Talks are continuing between the Data Library, Learning, Teaching & Web Division, and North Carolina about a MANTRA MOOC for academic year 2015-16.

Stuart Macdonald
RDM Service Coordinator / Associate Data Librarian

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