Sharing Edinburgh’s RDM lessons with other Scottish HEIs

In the interest of sharing Research Data Management (RDM) lessons with the wider community, Edinburgh University hosted a seminar for Higher Education Information Directors Scotland (HEIDS) and Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries (SCURL) in April, bringing together IT directors and librarians from Scottish universities.

The presentations (with links below) covered the range of RDM activities that Edinburgh University is currently engaged in:

Much of the discussion covered the potential for collaboration, from sharing lessons and models in these early stages to potentially offering shared services in the future. Senior managers emphasised that IS would need to look after its own users as a primary concern.

The audience appeared to take a lot of ideas away from the day and were keen for a follow-up session later in the year. Since the event, the University of Edinburgh has approved a business case, committing significant resource to invest in RDM infrastructure and staffing. Watch this space for further updates!

Sarah Jones, DCC

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