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2020 World Book Day

Do you know today is World Book Day? Originally designated by UNESCO on 23rd April, World Book Day in the UK has been celebrated on the first Thursday in March since 1995 and is a celebration of  reading, authors, illusatrators and of course, books!

Here at the University Collections Facility, we definetely don’t want to miss out this opportunity to appreciate our beloved collections and share some of them with you!

The Jim Burns Portfolio

Who said an academic library can only be solemn? At the UCF we have a wide range of collections including those science fiction fans’ favorite. The Jim Burns Portfolio is a collection of 28 Jim Burns’ best known works.


This folio contain full-page images which represent the work of Burns, including his work between 1978 and 1989, and also Burn’s words to his supportive fans.


The Ideal Book

What’s your ideal book to spend a whole weekend reading on your cozy couch? We have The Ideal Book for you! Written by William S. Peterson ( 1939-) the Ideal Book records essays and lectures by William Morris ( 1834-1896) written on book art. On World Book Day, let’s all read through the book which contain the wisdom from Morris, whose novelty theories and views on book art made a siginificant impact on modern design.

The book also includes four interviews with Morris, which not only provide a first hand record of Morris and his works but also a valuable chance to learn about him as an individual.


What’s your favorite book, and how are you celebrating World Book Day? Do share with us in the comments below. If you want to find out more about the University Collections Facility and our collections, please visit our webstite.

The University Collections Facility

World Book Day

Sandy Lin, UCF Library Assistant



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Tour de Store

As well as the usual retrieval and scanning services offered by the Library Annexe, which you may have read about on our blog or web page, we are also happy to provide tours of the facility to anyone who wishes to see what we do. We have hosted occasional open days where staff and library users are invited to spend an hour at the Annexe viewing some of the collections and watching us work, but we will also happily give tours upon request.

Annexe Tour

Scott is obviously deeply absorbed by the tour or else dazzled by the lights.

We were visited on Wednesday 24th July by Rachel, Scott & Christine from the Main Library’s Help Desk team, who deal with requested Annexe material every week and were keen to see the Annexe for themselves.

Library Tour 2

Rachel ponders the secrets of the Annexe collections.

They were undeterred by the earlier bout of traditional Edinburgh rainfall and made the short and easy journey from George Square to South Gyle. We started proceedings with a tour of the two units that comprise the Library Annexe, a circuit that took us through two reading rooms, staff offices and, of course, the 33,000 linear meters of shelving space spread across our substantial stores. Stops were made to take in some of the varied collections, including a rare chance to glimpse the recently acquired Nelson Archive. As guide, I did my best to provide our guests with some interesting facts and figures. For example, did you know that, in addition to our monographs, journals and archives, we also hold approximately 1,000 ECA Artworks? Or that we scan an average of 26 articles and chapters for our users each week? Or that we loaned a total of 3185 items in the 2011/12 academic year?

Library Tour 3

Charlie demonstrates how we process requests and even manages to do it with a smile.

After the circuit was completed, the visiting Help Desk staff were granted respite in our staff quarters, where Charlie demonstrated how we process the various physical item requests we receive each day, and Maria did a stellar job of showing off our impressive scanning suite, which we use for digitising all scan requests and is central to the operation of our increasingly well subscribed thesis scanning service.

Library Tour 4

Maria is in the spotlight as she shows off our state-of-the-art scanner.


Requesting Material from the Library Annexe

Thesis Scanning Service

Carl Jones, Library Annexe Supervisor

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