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The Library is working on a review of Searcher, our branded EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS). We are making some changes which we hope improves your experience of using Searcher.

Default search
As of 1st April, Searcher defaults to search All Library Resources (print and e-content).
This means that your initial search will be limited to searching printed books, e-books, journals articles, databases content and other subscription and local collections- in short, All Library Resources’.

The results screen
On the result screen, you will see that the limiter, ‘All Library Resources (print and e-content)’ is checked by default.  Catalogue items (books and e-books) are weighted to appear at the top of the results lists.

You may also notice that you have fewer results than you’re used to. However, you should also notice that it’s easier to find and access Library Resources via Searcher – no more clicking on results for content to which we don’t subscribe and which you can’t access!

We’ve also added the image below to the basic search screen to help explain what you’re searching and how to manage your results.


Refine your search
To refine a search and limit it to items in the Library Catalogue, CHECK the ‘Library Catalogue’ limiter. This will more or less mirror the current OPAC search and limit your search to printed books, e-books and journal titles (BUT NOT journal content).

Expand your search
To expand a search, UNCHECK, ‘All Library Resources’ the amount of results will increase significantly to include content for which we do NOT provide direct access. This content may include bibliographic records and unsubscribed journal content.

Use the Inter Library Loans service, Book recommendations or RAB (Request A Book) to access this content.

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Angela Laurins, Library Learning Services

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