New! House of Lords Parliamentary Papers

I’m pleased to let you know that the Library has purchased access to the House of Lords Parliamentary Papers (1800-1910) from ProQuest. This resource provides online access to previously unseen and valuable historical documents and is the very first digitised collection of 19th century House of Lords Parliamentary Papers.

You can access the House of Lords Parliamentary Papers (1800-1910) via the Databases A-Z list.

The House of Lords Parliamentary Papers (1800-1910) is an essential research resource that, along with the existing House of Commons Parliamentary Papers database (which the Library already has access to), provides a complete picture of the working and influence of the UK Parliament during the pivotal 19th century.

The two collections are cross-searchable so that you can:

  • track the progress of bills through the Lords and Commons and compare the different views of the two Houses
  • explore the Lords’ views on issues covered by the Commons
  • get a full picture of social, economic, and foreign policy development at a time when the Lords exerted considerable power

As the working documents of government, the papers encompass wide areas of social, political, economic and foreign policy, and many contributors were found outside the official world – providing evidence to committees and commissions during a time when the Lords still wielded considerable power.

The database was created as part of unique project done in partnership with the National Library of Scotland and allows you to access documents that you may not have been able to access in their physical form and enables you to broaden your research into this essential 19th century government documents resource.

Screenshot of 1st Report of Commissioners on employment of children in Factories, & Evidence (1833) from ProQuest’s House of Lords Parliamentary Papers. Accessed 29/06/17.

You can access House of Lords Parliamentary Papers (1800-1910) from the Databases A-Z list and it is being added to relevant Databases by Subject lists.

Access is only available to current students and staff at University of Edinburgh.

Caroline Stirling – Academic Support Librarian for School of Social and Political Science

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