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Thanks to recommendations from members of staff and requests via RAB from students the Library is continually adding new books to its collections both online and in print. Here are just a (very) small number of the books that have been added to the Library’s collections in semester two, 2016/17 for the School of Social and Political Science and these demonstrate the wide range of subjects being taught, studied and researched within School.

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The crisis of the European Union: a response by Jürgen Habermas ; translated by Ciaran Cronin (shelfmark: JN40 Hab. Also available as e-book).

Women, work, and politics : the political economy of gender inequality by Torben Iversen and Frances Rosenbluth (shelfmark: HQ1236 Ive.)

The Sage handbook of resistance edited by David Courpasson and Steven Vallas (e-book).

Gandhi in political theory: truth, law and experiment by Anuradha Veeravalli (shelfmark: DS481.G3 Vee. Also available as e-book).

Traces of the future: an archaeology of medical science in Africa edited by Paul Wenzel Geissler, Guillaume Lachenal, John Manton and Noémi Tousignant ; with special contributions by Evgenia Arbugaeva and Mariele Neudecker (shelfmark: R651 Tra.)

Digital labor: the Internet as playground and factory edited by Trebor Scholz (shelfmark: HM851 Dig. Also available as e-book).

Sports and Christianity: historical and contemporary perspectives edited by Nick J. Watson and Andrew Parker (e-book).

Weathered: cultures of climate by Mike Hulme (shelfmark: QC981 Hul.)

The Palgrave handbook of sociocultural perspectives on global mental health edited by Ross G. White, Sumeet Jain, David M.R. Orr and Ursula Read (shelfmark: RA790.5 Pal. Also available as e-book).

Participatory culture, community, and play: learning from reddit by Adrienne L. Massanari (shelfmark: HM742 Mas.)

The political process of policymaking: a pragmatic approach to public policy by Philippe Zittoun (e-book).

A man for all markets: beating the odds, from Las Vegas to Wall Street by Edward O. Thorp (shelfmark: HG4928.5.T54 Tho.)

Introduction to policing research: taking lessons from practice edited by Mark Brunger, Stephen Tong and Denise Martin (shelfmark: HV7935 Int. Also available as e-book).

Rules and processes: the cultural logic of dispute in an African context by John L. Comaroff and Simon Roberts (shelfmark: KQC499 Com.)

Katanga 1960-63: mercenaries, spies and the African nation that waged war on the world by Christopher Othen (e-book).

An introduction to secondary data analysis with IBM SPSS statistics by John MacInnes (shelfmark: HA32 Maci.)

The prince and the wolf: Latour and Harman at the LSE by Bruno Latour, Graham Harman and Peter Erdélyi (shelfmark: BD111 Lat.)

Leaders of the opposition: from Churchill to Cameron edited by Timothy Heppell (shelfmark: JN1121 Lea. Also available as e-book).

Power sharing: new challenges for divided societies edited by Ian O’Flynn and David Russell ; foreword by Donald L. Horowitz (e-book).

Tackling child sexual abuse: radical approaches to prevention, protection and support by Sarah Nelson (shelfmark: HV6570.4.G7 Nel.)

Under the watchful eye : managing presidential campaigns in the television era edited by Mathew D. McCubbins (shelfmark: HE8700.76.U6 Und.)

Seven myths about education by Daisy Christodoulou (shelfmark: LB1028 Chr. Also available as e-book).

“Godless communists” : atheism and society in Soviet Russia, 1917-1932 by William B. Husband (shelfmark: BL2765.S65 Hus.)

Transforming images: screens, affect, futures by Rebecca Coleman (e-book).

The Routledge companion to digital ethnography edited by Larissa Hjorth, Heather Horst, Anne Galloway, and Genevieve Bell (shelfmark: GN34.3.I53 Rou.)

Cyberthreats and the decline of the nation-state by Susan W. Brenner (e-book).

Junkyard planet : travels in the billion-dollar trash trade by Adam Minter (shelfmark: HD9975.A2 Min.)

End of multiculturalism?: terrorism, integration and human rights by Derek McGhee (e-book).

You can find all of these books and the many more that are available for supporting teaching, learning and research in Social and Political Science via DiscoverEd.
E-books are only available to current students and staff at the University of Edinburgh.

Caroline Stirling – Academic Support Librarian for School of Social and Political Science

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