New books in the Library for Social and Political Science

Thanks to recommendations from members of staff and requests via RAB from students the Library is continually adding new books to its collections both online and in print. Here are just a (very) small number of the books that have been added to the Library’s collections in semester one, 2016/17 for the School of Social and Political Science and these demonstrate the wide range of subjects being taught, studied and researched within School.

–> Find these and more via DiscoverEd.

digital_sociologies_bookcoverThe new Northern Irish politics? by Jonathan Tonge (shelfmark: DA990.U46 Ton.)

International humanitarian law and the changing technology of war edited by Dan Saxon (shelfmark: KZ6471 Int.)

Routledge international handbook of social work education edited by Imogen Taylor, Marion Bogo, Michelle Lefevre and Barbra Teater (e-book).

Digital sociologies edited by Jessie Daniels, Karen Gregory, Tressie McMillan Cottom (shelfmark: HM851 Dig.)

Plastic bodies: sex hormones and menstrual suppression in Brazil by Emilia Sanabria (shelfmark: QP263 San. Also available as e-book).

Ghost stories for Darwin: the science of variation and the politics of diversity by Banu Subramaniam (shelfmark: QH401 Sub.)

Democracy at home in South Africa: family fictions and transitional culture by Kerry Bystrom (e-book) .

seawomen_iceland_bookcoverDesigning democracy in a dangerous world by Andrew Reynolds (shelfmark: JC423 Rey.)

Dilemmas of humanitarian aid in the twentieth century edited by Johannes Paulmann (shelfmark: HV553 Dil.)

Seawomen of Iceland : survival on the edge by Margaret Willson (shelfmark: HD6073.F672 Wil.)

Campus politics: what everyone needs to know by Jonathan Zimmerman (e-book).

Electoral violence in sub-Saharan Africa: causes and consequences by Stephanie M. Burchard (shelfmark: JQ1879.A5 Bur.)

The vulnerable observer : anthropology that breaks your heart by Ruth Behar (shelfmark: GN346.4 Beh)

Border work: spatial lives of the state in rural Central Asia by Madeleine Reeves (shelfmark: DK855.4 Ree. Also available as e-book).

identity_destabilised_bookcoverIdentity destabilised: living in an overheated world edited by Thomas Hylland Eriksen and Elisabeth Schober (shelfmark: HM753 Ide. Also available as e-book).

Neoliberal culture edited by Jeremy Gilbert (shelfmark: JC574 Neo.)

Every twelve seconds: industrialized slaughter and the politics of sight by Timothy Pachirat (shelfmark: TS1963 Pac. Also available as e-book).

Child welfare removals by the state: a cross-country analysis of decision-making systems edited by Kenneth Burns, Tarja Pösö, Marit Skivenes (shelfmark: HV713 Chi. Also available as e-book).

Westminster diary: a reluctant minister under Tony Blair by Bernard Donoughue (shelfmark: DA591.D59 Don.)

Connecting people with jobs: activation policies in the United Kingdom by OECD Publishing (shelfmark: Folio HD5765.A6 Con. Also available as e-book).

Local journalism and local media: making the local news edited by Bob Franklin (e-book).

this_years_model_bookcoverThis year’s model: fashion, media, and the making of glamour by Elizabeth A. Wissinger (shelfmark: HD8039.M77 Wis. Also available as e-book).

Markets of dispossession: NGOs, economic development, and the state in Cairo by Julia Elyachar (shelfmark: HC830.Z7 Ely.)

The order of terror: the concentration camp by Wolfgang Sofsky and William Templer (e-book).

Handbook of critical policy studies edited by Frank Fischer, Douglas Torgerson, Anna Durnová, Michael Orsini (shelfmark: H97 Han.)

Motivational dimensions in social movements and contentious collective action by Maurice Pinard (shelfmark: HM881 Pin. Also available as e-book).

You can find all of these books and the many more that are available for supporting teaching, learning and research in Social and Political Science via DiscoverEd. E-books are only available to current students and staff at the University of Edinburgh.

Caroline Stirling – Academic Support Librarian for School of Social and Political Science

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