Go global with new BBC Monitoring service trial


We have a new trial to BBC Monitoring, accessible from the Eresources trials web page. Please note the steps required to login.

This fully searchable digital current affairs resource from the BBC covers a wide range of topics such as internal affairs, human rights, international relations, crime, media, narcotics, terrorism, and religious affairs. More than 3,000 radio, television, press, internet and news agency sources in over 150 countries (covering Europe, Mid East & North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia & Oceania, Americas) are monitored to inform the BBC’s distinctive, authoritative and reliable reporting of political and economic news.

Use BBC monitoring to follow key developments on major stories as they happen, see snapshots on key points being reported by various types of media in a country or region, and access important stories from local sources. BBC monitoring also has translations of vernacular source material giving access to key speeches and linguistic advisories. As well as the functionality to search, you can create saved news feeds.

Please give us feedback on this trial via the feedback link provided on the Eresources trials web page. Your feedback really helps us to make a case for subscribing to resources like this.

Christine Love-Rodgers, Academic Support Librarian – SPS

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