Get the best from the Library week @Pop-up Library

IFAll next week, 27th-31st October, the afternoon Pop-up Library sessions are being taken over by the Library Academic Support team for Get the Best from the Library Week.

Get the Best from the Library Week is all about helping you find out more about how the Library can work for you at the University of Edinburgh. So why not pop up and meet us at the 1st floor, Main Library between 2-4pm every day next week.

During the Get the Best from the Library Week you can:

  • Discover the full range of information resources available to you
  • Find out about new resources purchased recently
  • Get one-to-one support from a library specialist in your subject area

The Library Academic Support team provides support to staff and students for all matters relating to library services, so no matter what your question is, we aim to help.

You can find out what subject areas are being covered each afternoon from the Get the Best from the Library Week timetable.

Hope to see you there!

Brought to you by the Library Academic Support Team.


So, what have our collections to say about the referendum? More than you may think.  The Referendum is not an isolated event but sits within a historic time-line. Our collections intersect with that timeline at numerous points, directly and indirectly, and have a lot to say about the context of how we got to where we are now.

On Referendum day, join Dr Joseph Marshall (Head of Special Collections) and Grant Buttars (Deputy University Archivist) for a light-hearted look at some of these collection items.  The session runs from 14.00-16.00.

To close, a hint of what might be included.

0056393dChristopher Murray Grieve, Whalsay, Shetland Islands, June 1933