Pop up Library

We’re taking over and making over a currently empty area in the Main Library to create a space which gives teams from across Information Services the chance to engage with Library users to promote their services in a fun and informal way and to gather some feedback.

The Pop up Library will run 8th September- 7th November using the currently vacant Main Library 1st floor reception desk.
This is what it looks like at the moment:
ML reception desk

We are planning to use the space to hold two Pop Up sessions per day: one morning (10-12pm) and one afternoon (2-4pm).

Sessions will focus on a wide range of topics from across the Library and Information services.

Keep an eye on the Pop Up Library blog to find out what’s happening. You don’t need to make an appointment – just pop over and see what’s happening and have a chat or ask a question.

To give you an idea, there will be sessions on existing services such as, Searcher, Learn and Pebblepad.

Other sessions will focus on Special Collections with the chance for library users to see rare objects up close. Others will give you the opportunity to ask about new services such as Resources Plus, which describes the various options available to users when they can’t find what they want in the Library.

Academic Support Librarians will offer specialised consultancy sessions and Library users will also get a chance to address questions and queries to senior management who will be making themselves available at various points throughout the trial period.

Library-Pop-Bottle_White_bl small
We’re using the Pop up Library blog and #librarypop to promote sessions and are encouraging Library users to tweet about sessions and to leave feedback on the feedback wall- which we’ll be putting up next to the desk- soon.

Angela Laurins, Library Learning Services Manager