Global journals for World Christianity

The University of Edinburgh subscribes to a wide range of academic journals for the School of Divinity, but we’re also active in making the most of open access journals that are freely available on the web. Anabaptist Witness is one of these, and has recently been added to DiscoverEd. This journal aims to provide global Anabaptist and Mennonite dialogue on key issues facing the church in mission.

Anabaptist Witness

Korea Presbyterian Journal of Theology has also recently been added to DiscoverEd. Available in Korean and English, this journal aims to create academic discourse for theology that is evangelical and Biblical, is Reformed and ecumenical, and focuses on the Korean, Asian and global contexts in theological discourse.

KPJTChristine Love-Rodgers, Academic Support Librarian – Divinity


New online journal : Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies

TransformationI’m pleased to be able to say that Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies is now available online to University of Edinburgh users, from 1989 to the most current issue in 2013.

Published quarterly on behalf of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Transformation is a peer-reviewed journal which provides an international forum for Mission Studies discussion on a range of issues affecting the world today, including economics, development, violence, family life and other ethical issues.

University of Edinburgh users can access the journal via the library catalogue or the e-journals list.

New JSTOR collections benefit e-journals for Divinity

Are you a fan of JSTOR electronic  journals ? In 2012 the University of Edinburgh purchased the JSTOR Collections V & VIII. This has increased the coverage of backruns of a number of titles relevant to Divinity, such as:

  • Canadian Journal of Philosophy 1971-2006
  • Contemporary Religions in Japan 1960-1970
  • The Catholic Historical Review 1915-2006
  • International Journal of the Classical Tradition 1994-2007
  • International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 1970-2007
  • International Journal of Hindu Studies 1997-2007
  • Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 1974-2011
  • Jewish History 1986-2007
  • The Journal of Ethics 1997-2007
  • Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion 1985-2011
  • Journal of Religion and Health 1961-2007
  • The Journal of Religious Ethics 1973-2005
  • The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society  1835-2006
  • Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions 1997-2011
  • Prooftexts 1981-2010
  • Religion & Literature 1965-2008
  • Religious Studies 1965-2011
  • Scottish Historical Review 1903-