Preparing web content about Open Access in the next REF

At the University of Edinburgh, we have been working on getting the message out about the OA requirements for the next REF.  Almost as soon as the requirements were released by HEFCE, the Scholarly Communications Officer Theo Andrew put a simple page together on the library website to provide information to academics.

We felt that it would be useful to simplify the requirements and to produce a “micro-site” which would provide information to academics, to complement our portfolio of outreach and advocacy activities.  Scholarly Communications Officer Eugen Stoica has been working on a design based on a template in WordPress.  This beta site is live, though it has not been widely promoted to its target market of academics as we are awaiting for it to be professionally re-built in the University’s new CMS.  We are expecting a formal launch in the New Year.

However, in the meantime you can see our rough designs and suggested texts at (the URL will remain constant, but a visually improved site is in development).  The design elements will remain the same, and we have printed some business cards to provide people with a reminder of the URL.

We are licencing the website design, content and the design of associated materials (such as the business cards) using CC-BY, with the intention that other Universities can build on and develop our modest work.


Dominic Tate – University of Edinburgh  


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