Current UK Open Access Issues

I’ve been looking at my notes from Monday’s workshop discussion looking at some of the current non-systems-specific issues facing OA practitioners in the UK at the moment.  I’ve summarised the key points below and uploaded pictures of the notes from the day.

Key concerns discussed:

  1. RCUK Block grants have not yet been announced – this is of concerns to a wide range of institutions.
  2. Many institutions are expecting an increase in use of RCUK grants if gold OA is perceived to be an easier route to REF compliance.
  3. Repository/CRIS records without a Date of Acceptance is a major concern.  Records imported from external sources such as Scopus will not have DoA information so this needs to be added manually.
  4. SHERPA REF aligns with current HEFCE policy (deposit within 3 months of the date of publication) whereas many institutions are telling authors to deposit on acceptance.  This can cause confusion.
  5. More clarity is required regarding the use of exceptions for gold OA.  Will these be counted in addition to the tolerance of other exceptions?
  6. Resourcing for supporting authors to deposit and to validate/sherps-check records is a concern.  The REF policy means that records need to be checked on deposit (around the time of acceptance) and then again post-publication so the administrative burden is greater.
  7. How do we handle records from post-docs, late-stage-PhDs and ECRs whose REF-submission status is not yet determined?
  8. What do we do about recording evidence of date of acceptance? Current thinking seems to be “if you have it, keep it, if not – then don’t worry.”.









Dominic Tate – LOCH Project Manager

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