Database trial – Shakespeare’s Globe Archive: Theatres, Players & Performance

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This collection of documents offers insights into the performance practice in the particular space of the reconstructed Globe Theatre. It details the way in which the theatre was constructed as a place of radical experiment. It documents over 200 performances through prompt books, wardrobe notes & jottings, programmes, publicity material, annual reports, show reports, posters, photographs, music archive and architectural plans.

about the archive

Shakespeare’s Globe is a reconstruction of the open-air playhouse built in 1599 and a unique international resurce dedicated to the exploration of Shakespeare’s work and the playhouse for which he wrote. The theatre reconstruction is the result of the painskaing academic research and represents as accurate a reconstruction of the 1599 Globe as evidence offers. The archive and library specialise in Shakespeare in Performance and document the process of performance at the Globe, Sam Wannamaker Playhouse, and touring productions.


  • Prompt books and wardrobe notes for Original Practice performances
  • The Globe to Globe programme and Shakespeare interpreted by different cultures
  • How the Globe Theatre was reconstructed and the space created via architectural plans and photographs
  • The creation of contemporary and early-modern scores with the music archive
  • The discoveries about performance at the Globe via the Research Bulletins

key themes

  • Theatre Studies
  • English Literature
  • Performance
  • Shakespeare Studies
  • Early-Modern Literature
  • Cultural History

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