London Theatre Reviews – West End and Off West End

The following information might be useful for anyone researching theatre in London, or for anyone interested in theatre and theatre studies : offers reviews of London West End and Off West End productions from 2011 onwards. There are probably 500 reviews between 2011 and 2014. Last year, however, was a growth year in terms of the productions being reviewed. They have now 50 reviewers and there were over 850 productions reviewed in 2015 alone, in and around London – in the West End and Off West End.

The year 2015 reviews are now also available for free in PDF at

London Theatre Reviews

All of the content may be used as a resource and also quoted from as long as it is credited correctly. i.e. the author of the review and the website at

The website also has a full list of ‘Meet the Cast’ interviews, predominantly with West End actors and actresses, together with a few from Off West End, and also from  the creative departments. There are some fabulous interviews, full of nuggets of information from many award-winning performers.